Zendesk Vs HubSpot 2024 Comparison

Zendesk vs Intercom: In-Depth Features & Price Comparison

zendesk chat vs intercom

LiveChat is an online chat software that allows customer service representatives to communicate with customers through their website or selected messaging apps. LiveChat makes it easy for companies to manage, zendesk chat vs intercom customize, and rebrand their platform. Zendesk for sales starts at an affordable monthly rate, but you’ll have to purchase higher tiers in order to integrate with services like Zapier or HubSpot.

Agents can use basic automation (like auto-closing tickets or setting auto-responses), apply list organization to stay on top of their tasks, or set up triggers to keep tickets moving automatically. Has live chat analytics to monitor customer satisfaction, employee performance. Overall, Zendesk’s Chat is less customizable than Intercom’s but still has all the essentials. Zendesk Message and chat enable users to connect to their customers on a scalable app. Intercom does not offer a native call center tool, so it cannot handle calls through a cloud-based phone system or calling app on its own. However, you can connect Intercom with over 40 compatible phone and video integrations.

Intercom vs Zendesk: Pricing and Plans

Here are our top reporting and analytics features and an overview of where Intercom’s reporting limitations lie. This conversational marketing and sales automation tool helps businesses connect quickly with customers who are ready to purchase their products. Drift is leading companies through the customer solution-driven revolution by using conversations to unlock and expand their compound annual rate.

zendesk chat vs intercom

In 2023, conversational messaging will play an essential role in customer service. Customers increasingly expect to receive fast, convenient, and personalized support. Sales teams can also view outbound communications, and any support agent can access resources from the Intercom workspace. Picking customer service software to run your business is not a decision you make lightly. When it comes to automation, Ada can help companies automate up to 80% of their customer inquiries. In fact, Zoom is the world’s fastest-growing company and uses Ada to automate 70% of their sales inquiries via our conversational marketing tool Ada Engage.


Intercom has a dark mode that I think many people will appreciate, and I wouldn’t say it’s lacking in any way. But I like that Zendesk just feels slightly cleaner, has easy online/away toggling, more visual customer journey notes, and a handy widget for exploring the knowledge base on the fly. For small companies and startups, Intercom offers a Starter plan — with a balanced suite of features from each of the solutions below — at $74 per month per user, billed annually.

zendesk chat vs intercom

Both tools can be quite heavy on your budget since they mainly target big enterprises and don’t offer their full toolset at an affordable price. One place Intercom really shines as a standalone CRM is its data utility. As with just about any customer support software, you can easily view standard user data within the messenger related to customer journey—things like recent pages viewed, activity, or contact information. You can create articles, share them internally, group them for users, and assign them as responses for bots—all pretty standard fare. Intercom can even integrate with Zendesk and other sources to import past help center content.

They have offices all around the world including countries such as Mexico City, Tokyo, New York, Paris, Singapore, São Paulo, London, and Dublin. If that’s not detailed enough, then surely their visitor browsing details will leave you surprised. This enables your operators to understand visitor intent faster and provide them with a personalized experience. We have numerous customers that do this and benefit greatly from our out-of-the-box integration with Intercom. Our integration with Intercom enables bi-directional contact and case synchronization, so you can continue using Intercom as your front-end digital experience and use Zendesk for case management.

zendesk chat vs intercom

While Zendesk can be integrated with third-party email marketing tools like MailChimp, Intercom may be your best bet if regular communication with your customers is a priority. In-app messaging is useful for a variety of reasons, including onboarding new users, converting users from a free trial, and asking users for feedback. If these features are important for your business, you may want to consider Intercom over Zendesk. If you thought Zendesk prices were confusing, let me introduce you to the Intercom charges. It’s virtually impossible to predict what you’ll pay for Intercom at the end of the day. They charge for customer service representative seats and people reached, don’t reveal their prices, and offer tons of custom add-ons at additional cost.

Zendesk offers Chat as an add-on if purchasing support only, but they also come included in the Zendesk Suite. Intercom Live Chat is a software platform you can use to track and engage your visitors, and convert them into your customers. Even though Zendesk’s site does not clearly specify the duration of the free trial, other web resources state that it lasts for 30 days, which is twice as long as Intercom’s free trial.

zendesk chat vs intercom